1 October 2011

Today the national minimum wage goes up. That is good. The adult rate is now £6.08 an hour with lower rates for younger workers. The wage rise will help
890 000 workers, plus their families. Several thousand people in Cornwall will benefit. That is good.

It is twelve years since Labour magnificently introduced the national minimum wage. However, we should now advance and do better. We should press for the living wage, currently £7.20 outside London, to be the minimum in Cornwall. I discussed this earlier this year here.

I hope that every political party in Cornwall will sign up to this. Every large employer. It might not be possible to get there in one leap in these financially difficult times but we can and should say that a living wage is where we want to be. There are about 1500 direct employees of Cornwall Council who get less than the living wage and the Council should set the living wage as its aim now. I hope the progressive councillors will push for this.

ADDENDUM 2 October 2011
See Working for nothing – the truth about low pay in the UK in the Observer for 2 October 2011

(4 October 2011) And here’s the research from the Resolution Foundation Low pay Britain September 2011.

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