17 September 2011

The Tory Libdem management of the economy is failing: their austerity grows and economic growth doesn’t and unemployment is rising. I have charted this rise in the regularly updated Cornwall data post.

The latest claimant count figures for Cornwall – which do not present unemployment in its entirety – are dispiriting.

However, the TUC blog Touchstones has published its analysis of August 2011 claimant count figures and vacancies and their ratio for local authorities in England, Scotland, and Wales (scroll to “Download our analysis for every area”). There are 152 local authorities in England and in terms of arithmetically how many claimants there are for each vacancy Cornwall sits at 32nd (where 1st is best, the fewest claimants for each vacancy). Cornwall is thus at the 80th percentile, that is the ratio for Cornwall is as good as or better than 80 percent of England local authorities.

For Cornwall there are 3.5 claimants per vacancy. The mean average for England is 5.3 and the ratio ranges from 2.0 to 22.8 (disregarding the extremely low figures for the City of London and Isles of Scilly).

Thus Cornwall is not bottom of the table and is doing comparatively well. That will not help or comfort the 8384 current claimants in our county and I expect the figures will get worse. Of course the ratio will vary across Cornwall too.