22 August 2011

If it hurts families, if it undermines commitment, if it tramples over the values that keep people together, or stops families being together, then we shouldn’t do it.

— David Cameron, 15 August 2011, here.

I agree.

Now think about the Tory Libdem government policies and views on local housing benefit, Sure Start, EMA, benefit cap, social and affordable housing funds, the post-riot eviction of whole families …

‘Only connect’: EM Forster Howards End, chapter 22

Some Labour councils are apparently also getting into post-riot eviction

Labour run Greenwich council: “We will evict tenants caught looting.” Greenwich Mercury 9 August 2011

Labour-run Southwark Council: “As a council we will seek, within the confines of the law, the eviction of anyone living in a council property who is found guilty of these crimes.” Southwark Council 10 August 2011

Labour-run Manchester council: “Bosses at Manchester City Council said they are preparing to evict the family of a 12-year-old boy photographed stealing a £7.49 bottle of wine from a Sainsbury’s store.” Daily Mail 13 August 2011

Labour-run Nottingham council: “Nottingham council leader Jon Collins said the authority would try to evict anyone directly involved or whose children had taken part in disturbances.” Daily Mirror 13 August 2011 and here.

Labour-run Salford council: “Some of them could…lose their homes.” Salford City Council

What do I think? Well now, evicting children, how does that help their education, their sense of security and stability, their health, their future? Evicting people who did not themselves take part in the disturbances, how is that just? And, for the pragmatically minded, might it not cost more money in the end?