12 July 2011

University College Falmouth is charging a minimum and maximum student tuition fee of £9000 from 2012. There will be some bursaries and these mean the average cost per student will be £8528.

You can read the fees at all English universities here (Look at the Access data tables for 2012-13 then go to Table 4, Fee levels by institution; Falmouth is number 47).

The average tuition fee at English universities will be higher than the Tory Libdem government forecast – it ignored warnings last year about this. The fees are paid upfront by the government who then recoups them over time from students after they graduate. The higher than expected fees will cost the government – you and me as taxpayers – around £2 billion more a year. This means either the government finds the extra money or it reduces the cost by reducing the number of university places.

Let me remind you

The Tory Libdem government swore that fees over £6000 would be “exceptional”. In fact nearly forty percent of the 123 English universities will have a standard maximum fee of £9000 for all their courses.

The 2010 general election manifesto of the Liberal Democrats said: “We will scrap university tuition fees for all students taking their first degree” and “We have a financially responsible plan to phase fees out over six years so that the change is affordable, even in these difficult economic times, and without cutting university incomes” (page 39 of the manifesto). Before the general election current Libdem MPs individually signed a pledge that said: “I pledge to vote against any increase in fees in the next parliament…”

All the three Cornwall Libdem MPs (Andrew George, Stephen Gilbert, and Dan Rogerson) signed this pledge, none of the three Cornwall Tory MPs signed.

In the votes in effect to authorise rises in university tuition fees Andrew George and Dan Rogerson stuck to their pledge and voted against; Stephen Gilbert and the three Cornwall Tory MPs voted for.

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