17 June 2011

For Mebyon Kernow (MK), which calls itself the party for Cornwall, another decisive electoral defeat by the people of Cornwall. This time it was an election for Camborne town/parish council. The party for Cornwall came third with 197 votes. Yes, this is better than the thirty two votes and fifth place in January in the unitary council by-election; but for MK to lose at parish/town level and in this town is telling. It is clear that people here do not support political nationalism in any numbers; MK has made little or no progress over the years although Cornishness is healthy here. I looked at the clear disconnect between political nationalism and Cornishness in this post, Piran and Ptolemy.

The seat was won by Labour. Hmm, the waters of Labour recovery are lapping at my ankles now. Congratulations to Robert Webber, the winning Labour candidate.

Catena miserrimarum
This MK defeat is part of a chain of setbacks for nationalism. The petition for a holiday on St Piran’s day on the Cornwall Council website has only 290 signatures from Cornwall after four months and the petition on the digitaldemocracy website for a ‘Cornish assembly now’ has even fewer supporters.

Camborne South (town council) result 16 March 2011
Labour 334 votes, 34.5 percent of votes cast; Conservative 324 votes, 33.5 percent; MK 197 votes, 20.4 percent; Greens 112 votes, 11.6 percent. The turnout was 17.84 percent which means about one in twenty seven electors voted for MK.

Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Askelon, lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice: 2 Samuel 1.20

Catena miserrimarum: a chain of very wretched events

Turnout figure added 23 June 2011

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Source for the by-election votes: Jude Robinson’s blog