28 May 2011

See Addenda at the foot of the post

The Daily Telegraph has published the credit card spending by Cornwall Council (and other councils) of every item over £500 for the last three years (2008/09-2010/11, I think, which includes Cornwall county and unitary councils). You can read the details, and there are many, here. The total was
£8 973 444 though there has apparently been confusion – by the council or by the newspaper, I’m not clear – over whether some amounts spent abroad are in sterling or foreign currency. Amounts under £500 are not included.

A critical article by the Telegraph is here. It says that the council spent inter alia £1051 on “pure silk ties”.

I think the cutting and freezing council has much explaining to do but I think what may appear outrageous at first sight will have a reasonable explanation. Let’s see.

30 May 2011
Alex Folkes, a Libdem unitary councillor, has sent nineteen questions to Cornwall chief executive, about the plastic spending. They are a sensible and comprehensive set of questions, the answers to which should explain much. Read them here.

31 May 2100
They are not credit cards, more like debit cards. The silk ties are for resale to council members and employees.