25 February 2011

I have written too many posts that overflow with resigned dismay following the judgements on some of Cornwall’s public services. For example here about the old county council and in the Icebergs in Cornwall post I wrote about the 2009 inspection of children’s services.

Now here is a report about a revisiting of the safeguarding and looked-after children services in Cornwall, assessing how children are safeguarded and assessing the services for looked-after children. Read and sigh. The inspectors say encouragingly that there is improvement in some areas, but too many safeguarding areas are judged inadequate and only one area gets judged good. Look at the summary table on page 37 of the report. Oh, and there’s two lists of changes to be made (pages 7-9 and 26-27).

This is vastly disappointing; children are being let down by some of the services that should be there for them.

No, children. Jerusalem is not yet.

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Jerusalem is not yet: Matthew ARNOLD A French Eton (1864) pages 112-113.