13 January 2011

There will be a vote in the Commons on 19 January 2011 on a Labour motion on the abolition of educational maintenance allowances (EMAs) which are for 16-18 year olds to encourage them to stay in education: see the news on saveema.co.uk.

The England scheme shut to new applicants on 1 January and ends for everyone, including present recipients, at the end of the current academic year. The Tory Libdem government has not yet spelt out the new scheme it says will replace EMA for a reduced number of targeted students. In December 2010 there were 7294 recipients of EMA in Cornwall.

The figures for the takeup of EMAs are here.

How will Cornwall Tory MPs vote? How will Cornwall Libdem MPs vote? Will they support the abolition of EMAs?

(There are separate EMA schemes in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.)