10 January 2011

From time to time I have put up posts which discuss findings in the origins of humans and our ways. The point is to suggest that we all have much more in common than our differences, which are often constructed, and to remind us of our journey from our undistinguished origins in primeval slime and our cousins on the road.

First there are two new posts

‘Origin of clothing lice indicates early clothing use by anatomically modern humans in Africa’ by TOUPS MA et al in Molecular biology and evolution for 1 January 2011. This dates the origin of the use of clothes by modern humans from 83 000 – 170 000 years ago based upon the divergence of clothing lice from ancestral clothing lice.

‘Dual origins of dairy cattle’ by EDWARDS MJ et al in
Plos One
for 6 January 2011. This explores the two divisions of European dairy cattle (Y1 and Y2) and how their present distribution coincides with cultural and historic boundaries in western Europe.

Now let remind you of posts already on the blog

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