20 December 2010

The Department of health has published its revenue funding for the primary care trusts of England for 2011/12. You can read the document here.

Financial data is given for 151 English trusts. The trust here is Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly primary care trust (CIOSPCT); from this point I write Cornwall for CIOSPCT.

The key data for Cornwall for 2011/12:
Increase in revenue funds: 3.1 percent.
Distance from target*: 2.2 percent below.

Is this an improvement?

Definitely yes.

This year, 2010/11, Cornwall’s distance from target (shortfall) is 6.2 percent; next year, 2011/12, it will be 2.2 percent. This year Cornwall is about £56 million below target funding; next year it is about £20 million below. The planned percentage growth in revenue allocation next year is also slightly higher than the England average.

How does Cornwall compare with the other 150 trusts?

The data shows that 10 trusts have a larger percentage increase in their revenue allocation than Cornwall; 13 have the same as Cornwall, and 127 have smaller percentage rises than Cornwall.

In terms of percentage distance from target allocation, 62 trusts are above their target and 87, including Cornwall, are below their target. Two are on target. Of those below target 46 are farther in terms of percentage from their target allocation than Cornwall.

In sum Cornwall has received a slightly higher percentage increase in its revenue allocation than the average for the 151 trusts in England (3.1 percent against 3.0 percent) and higher than 127 of those trusts. Cornwall receives less than its target funding but 46 trusts are in a worse percentage position in this regard than us.

There is nothing here to support the nationalist/Libdem victim agenda. We have not been uniquely hard done by and we have not been singled out to be dealt with more harshly than others. Serious progress is being made by the health department and government in moving funding towards the target for each trust. That is welcome.

*Distance from target
See this earlier post which explains, inter alia, distance from target and how what is target funding is decided.