5 December 2010

It will be an interesting time next week in parliament.

Monday 6 December: the Lords have their second committee day on the Parliamentary voting system and constituencies (PVSC) bill.

Wednesday 8 December: the Lords have their third committee day on the PVSC bill. In the Commons Sarah Newton (Conservative MP for Truro and Falmouth) introduces a ten-minute-rule bill “to require the secretary of state to begin negotiations with certain local authorities with a view to those local authorities leaving the current national housing subsidy system and becoming Council Housing (Local Financing Pathfinders) by April 2011”. The “certain local authorities” include Cornwall Council. [Added 9 December 2010: You can read her introduction of the bill in the Commons here, Hansard 8 December 2010 column 320]

Thursday 9 December: the Commons decide about raising the tuition fees cap to £9000 a year.