6 November 2010

A survey for the Association of laparoscopic surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ALSGBI) of theatre equipment used in laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery in 474 UK hospitals has put Cornwall’s major hospital, Treliske hospital, Truro, in the bottom of the three grades. The survey found it was using out of date equipment.

Here are the ALSGBI survey tables: National audit of theatre equipment 2010 . This is a local report: Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust reprimanded for use of ageing surgery tools.

The survey found only 11 percent of hospitals were of top, ‘gold’ standard – including Derriford at Plymouth – and 61 percent of second, ‘silver’ standard. About 28 percent were in the bottom, ‘bronze’ standard and ALSGBI said that they were “operating with obsolete and, in some cases, potentially unsafe equipment.”

Note that the RCHT says that the survey results do not reflect the current situation.

This ALSGBI finding is disappointing. I have in the past recorded some dismal adverse reports on RCHT and it was vastly encouraging to report in Vorsprung 8 excellent news from RCHT: see the entries for 10 July and 24 September.

Additamentum 12 November 2010
Read this report and this which give very good news from the RCHT and Treliske hospital.
RCHT: Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust with the hospitals Treliske, Truro; West Cornwall, Penzance; and St Michaels, Hayle