25 September 2010

The Labour party has issued a breakdown of the first preference votes for the five leadership candidates by individual members of each constituency party. See here for details.

Aggregating the first preference results for all six Cornwall Labour parties the vote is:

Diane Abbott 38 votes
Ed Balls 88 votes
Andy Burnham 41 votes
David Miliband 231 votes
Ed Miliband 196 votes.

The Cornwall turnout averaged 75 percent. St Ives had the fourth highest turnout of all the British constituency parties. David Miliband had a plurality of first votes in every Cornwall constituency and Ed Miliband was second in the first votes in every Cornwall constituency.

A side fact from the results is that a total of 793 ballot papers were issued by Cornwall constituency parties. That presumably represents the total membership of the six parties. (There were three spoilt ballot papers.)