29 May 2010

UPDATE 20 January 2012
The total number of job placements in Cornwall under the Future Job Fund (FJF) from October 2009, when the FJF began, was 650 comprising by parliamentary constituency 160 in Camborne Redruth, 110 in North Cornwall, 140 in St Austell Newquay, 80 in St Ives, 70 in South East Cornwall, and 90 in Truro Falmouth [Parliamentary Library, DEP 2011-2026, 5 December 2012]. The last applications for FJF placements were in March 2011.

The Tory-Libdem government has abolished the Future Jobs Fund (FJF). This is wrongheaded and sadly in a while, too late to do any good, the Tory-Libdems will agree.

This scheme was about getting back into work people, especially those aged 18-24, who had been unemployed for six months. Young people in Cornwall benefited and stood to benefit more. Cornwall Council, working with partners in the private sector, successfully bid for £500 000 in autumn 2009 to create eighty three additional jobs; in this spring it successfully bid for £1.3 million for two hundred jobs for young people in Cornwall.

Thus the FJF helps young people here get back into work, another example of Labour’s positive achievements for the people of our county. The scheme isn’t perfect, the jobs are temporary, but the jobs pay at least the minimum wage, and take people away from unemployment into work and to learn new work skills. Had the scheme continued more out-of-work people in Cornwall would have got work through the FJF. Abolishing the scheme will hurt young people in Cornwall.

Do the Conservative and Libdem coalition MPs for Cornwall approve of this destructive decision of their government to abolish the FJF? Do they think this abolition helps unemployed young people in Cornwall?

The council’s media statements on its participation are here (30 July 2009) and here (17 March 2010)

Addendum 27 November 2010
There is an account of a successful FJF scheme here.