20 May 2010

The three Libdem MPs for Cornwall constituencies have started the new politics with a flourish of kazoos. They have set out a five-year plan for Cornwall. You can read it, dated 17 May, here.

What does this “new program” of the “new politics” amount to? Libdem nationalism-lite stuff I’d expect: a bit more greenery, a bit more independence, a bit more money, a bit more housing, a bit more university, a bit more dancing in the streets.

There’s no mention of upping the money for other places which are below Cornwall in public funding league tables in education and health for example and there’s no explanation of the hard bit, where any extra money should come from – which places, which projects, which money tree. The ideas look only at this side of the Tamar; this narrowness is a major strategic weakness in Cornish nationalism, lite or hardcore. I explored a broader approach in the post How should Cornwall be governed?

And, oh, the Libdems wish to “promote Cornish distinctiveness,” but do not include on the website, even as a translation, their plan in Cornish, the most distinctive of all distinctivenesses.