16 May 2010

For the Liberal Democrat party seeing off the Tories turns out to be shacking up with them

They have done the nasty deed. The Liberal Democrats have gone in with the Conservatives, the coalition is set up and at work. The Libdem party has just had a conference at Birmingham to anoint their vile coalition and excluded the media and the public: the new politics, as Clegg calls it, begins with the Libdem party in secret conference and behind closed doors.

There is a particular issue about the Liberal Democrats taking tactical votes against the Conservatives and this is what I wish to look at briefly here though the Libdems seem to be averting their eyes from it.

The Libdem leaflets that I received said that Labour was out of the running and the choice was between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives; voting Liberal Democrat, they said, would see off the Conservatives. Dick Cole, the MK leader, gives details on his blog in a post of 12 May ironically named ‘A new politics’ of some of the similar Libdem tactical claims from St Austell and Newquay constituency to be the only party that could stop the Tories.

Now all those who tactically voted Libdem to keep the Tories at bay have got a Tory-led government supported in power by the Libdem party for whom defeating the Conservatives turns out to be shacking up with them in government. A choice between Libdems and Tories turns to be only a choice between the tweedledumdees.

Why should anyone ever again take seriously anything the Liberal Democrats say about fighting the Conservatives? Why should anyone ever again give the Libdems a tactical progressive vote?

From this day on the message should be repeated and repeated and repeated:
Vote Libdem, get a Tory government.
You cannot trust the Liberal Democrats with your progressive vote.
The Libdems are not an alternative to the Tories, they are the Tories’ partners.

(Personal note: I didn’t vote Liberal Democrat)