8 May 2010

The general election in Cornwall has been a grand rebuff to Mebyon Kernow (MK) and political nationalism. Standing in all six Cornwall seats MK got 5379 votes which was 1.9 percent of the total Cornwall vote.

Look at it this way: 98 percent of voters in Cornwall rejected MK; that’s a colossal failure which exposes it as a minor, very minor, party. In 2010 it has polled noticeably fewer votes and a smaller percentage than in the 2009 European parliamentary and unitary council elections.

MK claims to be “the party for Cornwall”. That vanity is plainly not how the voters of Cornwall see it.

I summarise here the election performance of MK in Cornwall in the last three elections, the European and county unitary elections in 2009 and this general election.

June 2009 European: 6.8 percent of the Cornwall vote, 11 534 votes, 6 candidates, won no Southwest seats.

June 2009 Unitary: 4 percent of the Cornwall vote, 7290 votes, 32 candidates for the 123-seat unitary council, won 3 seats. (The unitary council replaced the district councils, which at dissolution had a total of 249 councillors of which 7 were elected as MK, and the county council with 82 councillors, none of which were MK.)

May 2010 General: 1.9 percent of the vote, 5379 votes, a candidate in each of the 6 parliamentary seats, won no seats.

In all about 617 000 votes were cast in Cornwall in these three elections and MK got 24 203, that’s about 4 percent. Electoral failure so decisive can be a summons to entrench the laager or a catastrophe to wallow in or a spur to rethinking the whole MK project.

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