10 April 2010

This follows on from the post charting Labour’s good works for Cornwall, What’s Labour ever done for Cornwall?

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People in Cornwall have also benefited from these Labour achievements for Britain

Human Rights Act

Freedom of Information Act

44 000 more NHS doctors than in 1997

89 000 more NHS nurses than in 1997

17 000 more police than in 1997

Help with child care through the working tax credit (for example, up to £140 a week for one child)

NHS net expenditure in England rose nominally from £34.7 billion in 1997/98 to a planned £102.7 billion in 2009/10 (Table 2 in House of Commons Library SN/SG/724 of 2 June 2009)

Every full time worker now has a statutory 28 days paid holiday (pro rata for part-time workers)

A part-time worker in relation to a comparable fulltime worker now has the right to the same pay rates; they also have equal access to pension schemes, and the same rights to sick pay and to statutory maternity leave and pay