6 April 2010

From 2010 councils in England will have to publish the pay of their officers earning more than £150 00 a year, along with the components of that pay (salary, bonus, etc). I think that is too high a threshold and the Conservatives have talked of a much lower one for reporting and if they become the government it will be interesting to see whether they introduce that.

Meanwhile the Taxpayers Alliance has published its annual data on council pay. Read it here. It is also published in the Guardian here. The Alliance asked for and has published details of annual pay of £100 000 and more.

Against Cornwall on page 43 of table 2 is the melancholy comment that Cornwall Council, after nearly four months, has not provided the information despite several requests. The Alliance describes this as “A clear breach of the Freedom of Information Act”.

Compare Cornwall’s with other councils’ responses. This is puzzling. I think all three main national parties are committed to transparency on the salaries of senior council officers, that is to publishing them in narrow salary bands at least.

You might like to read these two articles which give some information:

Hey big spender! Cornwall heads staff pay league (, 15 March 2010)

Pay bonanza for council bosses (Sunday Times 7 March 2010).

[A repost, the original vaporised]

Addendum 13 April 2010

The Conservative party manifesto 2010 says it will require the publication online of the job titles, salaries, and expenses of every civil servant and local government officer paid more than the lowest salary in pay band 1 of the senior civil service, that is, currently, £58 200 a year.