28 February 2010

At the tail end of the government two important reports have been published. They are: An anatomy of economic inequality in the UK (January 2010, the John Hills report) and Fair society, healthy lives (February 2010, the Michael Marmot review). You can access them here and here.

The reports are voluminous; they give evidence of large, ranging, and destructive inequalities and suggest comprehensively why we should and how we can reduce them. There are executive summaries for the faint-hearted.

These reports are a new starting block for a progressive government and, hearing their depressing message of what is, we should welcome their signposts to what should be and can be. Marmot strikes it right with a quotation from Pablo Neruda’s poem The banner: Rise up against the organisation of misery.

And here’s early notice of a report from the Sutton Trust about inequality in comprehensive schooling. Neruda again.