3 October 2009

We are all aware of the shortcomings and glories of the British NHS.

We had a glimpse of the American system in the recent comments of Democratic member of the House of Representatives, Alan Grayson of Florida. He referred tellingly to this report which says that “the uninsured are more likely to die than are the privately insured “ (page 4). The report quantifies this: each year, every year, there are about 44 789 deaths among Americans aged 18 to 64 due to lack of medical insurance (also page 4): the report says “associated with” lack of insurance.

There are youtube videos on this too: here and here.

The report is called: Health insurance and mortality in US adults; it is by Andrew P WILPER et al, published online 17 September 2009, and published in American Journal of Public Health for December 2009.

Addenda 4 October 2009
The Euro health consumer index 2009 was published 28 September 2009.

It measures country performance in several areas such as outcomes and waiting times.