17 September 2009

Mebyon Kernow (MK), the Cornish nationalist party, lost in three by-elections for town councils in western Cornwall in August 2009. Camborne is an area where MK does much better than in most of Cornwall and has town councillors already. In Camborne north and south wards the party took 26 and 22 percent of the vote and lost to Liberal Democrat and Conservative party candidates; in Falmouth it took 9 percent and the Conservative party won. In August 2008 MK took 28 percent of the vote in a Camborne South by-election and lost, a larger percentage than this August.

For MK this is not progress. It is not making headway even though the Labour vote has collapsed in Cornwall and MK is a leftist party — and all the main parties are in disfavour with very many electors. Additionally, these were very local town elections, not the more serious election of a government.

In these circumstances MK should be winning in the streets. MK had good candidates who would have made good councillors; however, people in Cornwall generally still do not vote for the MK party in any numbers; the large majority reject MK political nationalism.