2 June 2009

Original post 31 May 2009
Some candidates have been accidentally missed off the 4 June ballots sent out to postal voters for the unitary council. A handful of candidates missed off apparently — the exact number seems unclear but is probably in single figures — and it is those with names that put them at the bottom alphabetically that have been lost. No one seems to know for sure how many postal ballot papers are affected though it looks like only a few and it isn’t every postal ballot paper in the affected wards. New ballot papers have been sent out to those known to be affected but I don’t know what happens if some people have already used the defective ones. In future every candidate should change his name to Aaron Aardvark.

A more positive story is that the West Briton and the Cornishman, weekly papers for central and west Cornwall, have published summaries of the manifestos from the main parties for the unitary council election; and I expect their sister paper in east Cornwall has too. Yes, Mebyon Kernow’s there and has rightly been on local radio and television so no more whingeing about lack of media publicity.

First addition
What will be another memorable incident of the elections is a leaflet which describes a candidate offensively as a “greasy haired twat.” The leaflet apparently came from the Liberal Democrats whose candidate says she never saw or approved it and whose agent has said the leaflet was not authorised by him and has apologised to the other candidate and the recipient voters and is investigating the circumstances of the leaflet’s birth. We shall perhaps know eventually exactly who wrote it and printed it and the attendant circumstances. The BBC has the story here. It will be interesting to see if there is any discernible effect upon the votes of the two candidates.

So will these be the lost candidates election or the swearing election?

Second addition
Oh dear, more chaos, hiccups, cock-ups. Since I began this post a few days ago electoral life here has worsened. The BBC reports that some voters in Cornwall haven’t yet received their postal ballots — it’s now Tuesday 2 June and the election is on the 4th. Apparently the council will send ballot papers to people by courier if necessary. A couple holidaying in Norfolk will get theirs by courier because they didn’t receive them in Cornwall time.

So now it’s the lost candidates or swearing or lost ballot papers election.