21 May 2009

Cornwall unitary council elections

The names and party of candidates for each seat in the unitary council elections in Cornwall on 4 June 2009 are on the Cornwall council website here.

There are 123 unitary seats and there are maps of them here.

There was one withdrawal marked on the original list on the Cornwall Council website and there have been three withdrawals of candidates from the original published nominations by 12 May, the last date for withdrawal. The figures in the next paragraph take account of these four withdrawals.

The candidates standing are: British National Party (BNP) 4, Conservative 123, English Democrat 1, Green 16, Independent 106, Labour 60, Liberal Democrat 119, Liberal Party 9, Mebyon Kernow (MK) 33, and UK Independence Party (UKIP) 28.

EU elections

These are the candidates for the parties for the southwest for the European parliament elections 4 June 2009 as listed by the UK Office of the European Parliament. There are seventy two UK members of the EU parliament, six to be elected for the southwest (in the last election in 2004 there were seven). I have listed the candidates in the order in which their party has put them (which decides who gets elected on that party’s share of the vote). There are eighty nine candidates in the south west representing seventeen parties/groups/labels.

British National Party (BNP): Jeremy Wotherspoon, Barry Bennett, Adrian Romilly, Sean Twitchin, Lawrence West, Peryn Parsons

Christian Party, Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship: William Capstick, Katherine Mills, Diana Ofori, Larna Martin, Peter Vickers, Adenike Williams

Conservative: Giles Chichester, Julie Girling, Ashley Fox, Michael Dolley, Donald Collier, Syeda Zehra Zaidi

English Democrats: Michael Turner, Sara Box, Keith Riley, Stephen Wright, Raymond Carr, Lee Pickering

Fair Pay, Fair Trade Party: David Michael, Judy Foster

Greens: Ricky Knight, Roger Creagh-Osborne, David Taylor, Sarah Scott-Cato,
Chloe Somers, Richard Lawson

Labour: Glyn Ford, Isabel Owen, Keir Dhillon, Dorothea Hodge, Dafydd Williams, Libby Lisgo

Liberal Democrats: Graham Watson, Kay Barnard, Justine McGuinness, Humphrey Temperley, Paul Massey, Jonathan Stagnetto

Independent: Katie Hopkins

Jury Team: Sally Smith, Martin Paley, Michael Clayton, Brian Underwood, Roger Whitfield, William Barnett

Mebyon Kernow (MK): Dick Cole, Conan Jenkin, Loveday Jenkin, Simon Reed, Glenn Renshaw, Joanie Willett

No2EU, Yes To Democracy : Alexander Gordon, Roger Davey, Rachael Lynch, Nicholas Quirk, John Chambers, Paul Dyer

Pensioners Party: Jonathan Cockburn, Barry Hodgson, Derek Wharton, Roger Edwards, Stuart Baker, Barry Egerton

Pro Democracy, Libertas: Robin Matthews, Peter Morgan-Barnes, Chloe Gwynne,
Christopher Charnock, Nicholas Sherman, Nicholas Coke

Socialist Labour Party: Robert James Hawkins, Brian Corbett, Alison Entwistle,
David Marchesi, Robert Oliver Hawkins, James Bannister

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP): Trevor Colman, William Dartmouth, Gawain Towler, Julia Reid, Alan Wood, Stephanie McWilliam

WAI D: Nicola Guagliardo, Joy Skey

(I have put the forenames by which candidates appear on election leflets that I have recieved; the others are as listed by the EU site below.)

The EU parliament website for the elections in the UK is here.

That website is the definitive list for the candidates for all UK seats and gives the previous election results. MEPS are elected by a regional list system of proportional voting with seats allocated according to the share of the total votes cast for a party. In the southwest the 2004 results for the parties, to nearest whole percentage of the votes cast, were: Conservative 32, UKIP 23, Liberal Democrats 18, Labour 14, Greens 7, BNP 3, Countryside 2, Respect 1. Only the first four parties had any MEPs elected in the southwest in 2004.

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EDIT: file reference in the first paragraph changed as the original file is no longer on the council website.