26 September 2008

There was a by-election in Truro on 25 September for a seat on the city council (a parish council). The seat was previously held by a Mebyon Kernow councillor.

The result of the by-election?

Liberal Democrat 49 percent of the votes cast, Conservative 31 percent, MK 12 percent, Labour 9 percent.

Mebyon Kernow lost the seat. Nearly nine tenths of voters rejected the party of Cornish nationalism.

MK does not hold any parliamentary or county council seats. It wins very few district and parish council seats and, as I said in this post (noting MK’s losing in a by-election in Camborne in August) MK is going nowhere, not even at lowly parish level, not even as a protest party. It is not so much the party for Cornwall as it describes itself but rather the party of very few in Cornwall. MK political Cornish nationalism is failing to persuade.