30 August 2008

Research presented to the 2008 annual conference of the Royal Geographical Society has listed districts in England, Scotland, and Wales in order of the happiness and well-being of their inhabitants. That’s perhaps putting it a little simply and you really need to read the details. See the report and list here (from where you can find the pdf for the details in the technical notes).

The districts listed include amalgams of less populated districts and in Cornwall Kerrier-Penwith-Scillies and Carrick-Restormel are in the top (happiest) fifth of the table; Caradon and North Cornwall are the happy side of half way in the table.

I’m not sure about averaging happiness; nevertheless, it’s another league table where Cornwall is nearer the top than the bottom.

You might wish to read Ben Goldacre’s illuminating comments here.

The RGS site no longer has the paper but the press release about the paper is here. The Independent of 28 August 2008 published the list in the article ‘Why happiness is a postcode lottery’