21 August 2008

Not so long ago in England homosexual behaviour was an imprisonable offence and homosexuals were vulnerable to vile bigotry and blackmail. That has happily changed, legally and socially. Yes, there are some who think that homosexual behaviour is morally wrong and, separately, bigotry still exists, especially among some religionists. However, most people are tolerant and accepting of homosexuality: civil partnerships are a fair and sensible mark of the new welcoming attitude.

This is leading me to the coming weekend and a gay pride event. In Truro, the main town of Cornwall, there will be a parade and a fair with stalls, singers, dancers, and comedians.

Significantly, police officers will take part in the parade and apparently the flag of the Gay Police Association will fly from Truro police station. The chief constable of Devon and Cornwall is supportive.

I expect there will be complaints but I welcome Cornwall gay pride and this touch of civilisation.

A year ago I wrote this post: what a change.