9 June 2008

Once more the financial inequalities between the countries of Britain are exposed. The office of national statistics (ONS) has issued United Kingdom health statistics 2008 and these statistics in Table 8.5, page 114 give the spending per head on health and personal social care for 2006/07:

Scotland £2313

Wales £2109

N Ireland £2096

England £1915.

Thus someone in England – and that includes Cornwall – has nearly £400 less spent on him than someone in Scotland. Concern about public spending inequalities like these will not go away. They are part of the perceived unfairness that is, I think, slowly dissolving the United Kingdom, an unfairness that the Labour government appears indifferent to.

Will the Liberal Democrat MPs for the Cornwall constituencies cry foul? I doubt it.

Will Cornish nationalists complain of inequality and injustice? I’m not holding my breath.

Will Labour and the Conservatives in Cornwall complain? I’m still not holding my breath.

Come on, surprise me.