16 May 2008

More data, this time about the provision from primary care trusts in England (Hansard 15 May 2008, columns 1673W-1677W). The data is (or “are” if you prefer) based on social aspects like life expectancy and deprivation and on administrative aspects like the proportion of patients seen within forty eight hours and the proportion able to see a specific GP.

Each trust is ranked against the average for all trusts in England. Average is undefined but presumably is the mean average.

Here comes the teaser. There are 152 trusts in the published Hansard table in rank order. If 1 is best and 152 is worst, whereabouts is Cornwall and Isles of Scilly primary care trust (CIOSPCT)? Near the best or the worst? 32nd, 99th, 151st?

I’m sure you’ve guessed right, having read my previous posts.

Yes, it’s 32nd.

Of course I repeat my comment on all Cornwall data: to look at aggregated data for the whole county, or an entire trust, is not particularly helpful. What counts is the position on the ground for individuals and parcels within those areas. For people who live here Cornwall is not one place but many places and the circumstances of life vary vastly.

Let me end with another teaser. Do you think this favourable trust data will figure on any nationalist or Libdem Cornwall website?