21 March 2008

As we slither towards unitary local government I should like to record in this post the historic council tax in Cornwall and its districts. The full details are given here. I have worked out the percentage rises over the eleven years from 1997/98 to 2007/08 for a band D property, excluding parish council tax and that is what I have put here.

Cornwall county council 99 percent increase

Caradon district council 97

Carrick district council 78

Kerrier district council 77

Penwith district council 47

North Cornwall district council 75

Restormel district council 97

Devon and Cornwall police authority 164

ENGLAND (all councils etc) 92

The typical band D council tax in Cornwall in 2007/08 ranged from £1263 to £1322, which is £24-25 a week. People living in these areas over the past decade will judge for themselves whether they have had value for money.

What sort of increases can we expect from a unitary council? More county than Penwith, I expect. The government will probably have to keep capping the rises in council tax.

Of course, we have been promised – well, I’m not sure it is an encashable and enforceable promise, more an aspiratory promise, I expect it’ll turn out to be – that moving to a unitary council “will save more than £17 million of Cornish tax payers’ money a year.” That’s a lot of bottled water or a cut in council tax. Hmm, difficult choice.

The link to the data does not always work. The url is