5 March 2008

The adult national minimum wage is to rise to £5.73 an hour in October. At present it is £5.52.

It is a modest rise but still unalloyed good news for low paid workers in Cornwall, the sort of practical real-life measure that benefits them. Since the wage was introduced in 1999 it has risen by fifty nine percent.

For 18-21 year olds the wage will be £4.77 and for 16-17 year olds £3.53.

The minimum wage is not profligacy and not generous but represents affordable economic justice, there is a good case for London having a separate and higher minimum, and the abolition of the ten percent income tax band last spring penalised the low paid unjustly; but the wage has succeeded in helping the low paid without increasing unemployment – contrary to what was direfully forecast before it was introduced.

Will you read of the rise in the national minimum wage on the nationalist and Libdem websites in Cornwall? Will they welcome it?

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