26 February 2008

More evidence that Cornwall is doing better than the miserabilists say.

Cornwall is at the 64th percentile in the list of 149 England local authorities and the proportion of their 16 and 17 year olds who are not in education, employment, or training (NEETS). This means Cornwall is as good as or better than 64 percent of these authorities in desirably minimising the proportion of NEETS.

That doesn’t make us Cornubia auspicatissima. It’s still 590 young people too many in Cornwall; but in ninety five of those authorities the proportion is higher (and worse) than in Cornwall.

Unfortunately the information appears available only for top-tier local authorities and does not show any differences across an authority. From what other data tells us about Cornwall we can assume that the proportion is not evenly spread across the county.

The latest NEETS data is here (Hansard 25 February 2008, columns 1284W-1290W).

(NEETS data previously came up in the Commons in November 2007. I noted it on 26 November 2007 here.)