14 December 2007

The annual assessment by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) of the performance of Cornwall county council’s adult social services has just given the council one star (out of a possible maximum of three) for 2007 and described its delivery of outcomes as “adequate.” Of the 150 England authorities assessed by CSCI for 2007 I count forty eight getting three stars, seventy four getting two stars, and twenty eight, including Cornwall, getting one star. Cornwall is in the bottom, ie worst, fifth group. For adult services in 2004 it got three stars, in 2005 two stars, and in 2006 one, a downhill katabasis.

The full CSCI report is here but it does not fully explain the reasons for the council’s decline in the performance ratings. The county council’s response, which strikes me as overly upbeat, is here. The prospects for improvement by the council are assessed by CSCI as “promising”. I really hope that’s a judgement that proves to be right.

Additamentum 29 January 2009

The original web address for the county council’s response has changed since I wrote the post. I have now amended it to the new web address in the post above. It is textually: ‘Cornwall County Council welcomes findings of report into its adult social care services’ 29 November 2007.