6 December 2007

This is an updated version of the unitary update post of 24 October 2007.

Here is the timetable for a decision on Cornwall moving to a unitary council, as given in the House of Commons on 15 October (Hansard column 862W): first the local government bill has to be passed; after that a decision on Cornwall (and the other unitary candidates) will be taken by the government in late November or early December; then the draft implementation orders will be put before parliament; if they are passed the implementation orders will be made at the end of 2007.

On 5 December 2007 the government said it had decided that Cornwall, and some others, should be a unitary council. The elections to the new Cornwall unitary county council will be in 2009. The name of the new council is still to be decided.

The effect of a judicial review is not apparently included in the above timetable.