10 October 2007

Months ago I wrote about Kareem Amer, a blogger of Egypt who was jailed for four years. I explained then why he was jailed:

Why? Officially, for insulting Islam and the president of Egypt. What exactly did he do? He has a blog and on it he criticised the president of Egypt and what he sees as the sectarianism and sexism of the state-financed Azhar University, and criticised the attack by some Muslims on a Christian church in Alexandria. He has criticised violence and dictatorship.

He is still in jail.

We should not let this go. We should not weary of this. The Egyptian regime is hoping we tire and forget. Send an email to the Egyptian ambassador in London protesting against Kareem’s continuing imprisonment. The email address is The address for letters is Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, 26 South Street, London, W1k 1DW.

Everyone who writes a blog or reads one should stand up for Kareem and free speech.

There is a website Free Kareem. It has a section with addresses and sample letters here.