4 July 2007

I thought it would be useful to put up a collection of website addresses for various data involving Cornwall. I have tried over the past months to show that Cornwall is not terra oppressa, sunk in universal poverty, neglected and treated unfairly by the British government. Judge for yourself. I have reduced some long urls to tinyurls.

Free school meals
HANSARD (primary) 4 July 2006 column 1021W, (secondary) 12 July 2006 column 1861W

GVA per head (ONS December 2006)

GDP per head (Eurostat February 2007)

Average pay(ONS April 2006) (ASHE 2006, Table 7.1a)

Indices of deprivation

Education funding (Dedicated schools grant)

Health profiles Cornwall districts

17 March 1337 charter

1858 Cornwall submarine mines act