12 June 2007

The results are in from five popular votes in Cornwall on the county council’s proposals for a unitary council. And in each district there is a decisive vote against.

In North Cornwall district six thousand ballot papers were issued to randomly selected households. Forty percent returned them and 82 percent voted against the unitary proposals.

These results can be read in detail here.

In polls in the four districts of Caradon, Carrick, Kerrier, and Penwith 71 722 people voted and overall 81 percent voted against the unitary proposals. Read the four-council results here.

The most strongly opposed is Penwith (89 percent) and the least Carrick (75 percent).

These are decisive results and the county council should now withdraw its proposals which manifestly do not have the support of people in Cornwall. It would be extraordinary if the government now gave the go-ahead for a Cornwall unitary council.

The Liberal Democrats should rethink their way of doing things. The county council, which they control, lamentably declined to hold a poll of the people of Cornwall. Instead it had a consultation though apparently not all the county consultation leaflets got to people. One wasn’t delivered to me but I read it on the net. I wonder what the results of this consultation will be? Does it matter now?

PS In July the government nevertheless gave approval to the unitary proposals.