7 May 2007

In the elections on 3 May 2007 for district councils in Cornwall, all the seats in five of the six Cornwall councils were up for election and eleven were in Penwith. That’s a total of 225 seats.

Mebyon Kernow put up twenty four district council candidates. This party is not a major player.

Seven Mebyon Kernow district councillors were elected. MK lost one district seat and gained two, a nett gain of one. It got around 5 percent of the total vote in the district elections in Cornwall.

In the parish/town council elections at the same time twenty one MK councillors were elected (a few were unopposed), a nett gain of one.

MK Cornish political nationalism is still vastly unpersuasive to most voters in Cornwall. This party is not speaking for most people in Cornwall.

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