19 March 2007

Last year there was a consultation by the department for communities and local government (DCLG) on the regulations controlling the display of advertisements, which include flags. As the responses to that (now published on the DCLG website) show many people in Cornwall urged change.

The DCLG has listened to those in the consultation urging a widening of the exemption from needing permission for flag flying and has just published its impact assessment of the regulations and the changes that are to come into effect next month. These changes sensibly include removing the undemocratic and largely unenforceable requirement to get approval from the local authority before one could fly a local flag, including the Piran one. The flags that can be flown without seeking permission now include “English county and saints’ flags (where these are associated with a particular county).”

This means the Piran flag can be legally flown at will in Cornwall. Sensible, democratic, unbureaucratic. The DCLG has acted well.