5 March 2007

The Audit Commission has published its assessment of county and equivalent local authorities. Cornwall scores an overall 3 on a scale of up to 4, the same as last time. These are the detailed scores for the categories assessed:

Corporate assessment 3, Use of resources 2, Children and young people 2, Adult social care 2, Environment 3, Culture 4, Fire and rescue 2, Financial reporting 2, Financial management 2, Financial standing 3, Internal control 3, Value for money 2.

The county council’s direction of travel, whether it is getting better or worse, is subject to review.

The overall 3 is good but those scores of 2 are unimpressive results and they include the ones which directly affect people, the young and the elderly, the vulnerable. The cuts in the 2007/08 budget will make improving them much harder. The county council should now explain how it plans to do better, much better.

The council wishes to become a unitary council replacing all the district councils in Cornwall. It says if it runs all Cornwall it will save money: look at those financial scores and wonder at the confidence.