14 February 2007

The categorised travel expenses claimed by MPs have now been published. The five MPs for Cornwall in 2005/2006 claimed just over £60 000, but how this is made up is interesting.

The six figures refer to the claim in £ for travel by car, third party vehicles, rail, air, cycle, and other, but ony categories claimed for are given:

Colin BREED: car 4822…rail 5878

Andrew GEORGE: car 6893…rail 5735…air 3266…cycle 9…other 120

Julia GOLDSWORTHY: car 2563…3rd party 420…rail 7845…air 382

Dan ROGERSON: car 4545…rail 5256

Matthew TAYLOR: car 6733…3rd party 112…rail 4229…air 1359.

These claims are for travel in the UK on parliamentary business. Third party vehicles mean cars not owned by the MP such a taxi travel or a hired car. Other means such things as tube and bus fares.

The official figures are here.