16 December 2006

The quick answer is No

For details read on…

Mebyon Kernow, which calls itself “the party for Cornwall,” has fought in eight of the ten general elections from 1970 to 2005. Just over two million people in Cornwall voted in those eight elections and MK won a total of 16 166 votes. Counting only the seats MK fought during those eight elections, MK’s overall share of the votes is less than two percent. In the last general election in 2005 slightly fewer than one in about sixty voters in the four seats it contested chose MK.

One in sixty.

I think that is a decisive judgement. MK does not speak for the people of Cornwall. It speaks for hardly anyone in Cornwall.

In the last county council elections in 2005 MK did not win any of the eighty two seats. Its candidates polled 9 421 votes against 289 000 for all the others. Though MK did not put up candidates in all the seats, it presumably fought where it believed its prospects were best.

Again the results show that MK speaks for only a small minority.

There are 249 council seats in the six Cornwall districts. MK holds six seats. I haven’t counted how many parish/town council seats there are – hundreds, I suppose – but MK has twenty seats on them.

By any measure, at any level, people in Cornwall do not vote for MK in any numbers. Its election results are pitiful. It is the party the voters of Cornwall have rejected.

In December 2006 an MK rally at Bodmin to celebrate the anniversary of the petition for a devolved assembly in Cornwall attracted about 100 or so people.