7 December 2006

The final report of the Cornwall religious education survey 2004 has now been made public. It’s by Penny Jennings and one can read it here on the Cornwall Humanist website.

It analyses the views of 3826 pupils in years 9 and 10 in twenty four secondary schools in Cornwall and makes grim reading for religious believers.

For example, only 5 percent of pupils go to a church regularly; 49 percent do not believe in god and 22 percent do. Religious education is not seen as generally relevant in their lives by most pupils.

Religious education in Cornwall seems to have little or no impact upon most secondary pupils. To persist with a tried and failed subject is folly and a serious review is needed of ‘spiritual’ isssues and how we teach about religion and belief in school education. I doubt the present religiose government will do anything.

In the 2001 census 16.7 percent of people in Cornwall said that they had no religion, more than 80 000 people, including children signed up by their parents.